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Since 2008, EDUdigital has been implementing technology learning solutions, developing web platforms and digital content to meet the specific needs of each client.


Developing projects with clients and partners, to bring learning technology solutions to companies, universities and other public and private entities.

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Who we are

EDUdigital implements technological learning solutions by developing web platforms and digital content in order to answer to satisfy each customer's specific needs.

Every project or solution development is seen as a challenge that has to be deconstructed in order to understand its genesis and then to develop an application or content that is adapted to our cutomer's real needs.

EDUdigital has offices in Portugal, Mozambique and Cape Verde, it also has projects in Angola with customers and partners with the goal of bringing eLearning and learning using ICTs resources to enterprises, universities and public entities.

Online courses, eLearning platforms, academic management softwares, certified training, gamification, web portals and applications are available and acessible solutions to all customers, bringing information technologies in learning as a complementary tool to education and training, making learning easier, with a bigger impact on people and allowing society to grow to the next level.


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